What do I need to do to modify the exterior of my home?

Architectural Modification Form (for Exterior Modifications)
As the buildings age, many residents are in the process of making exterior changes to their units (i.e. replacing old front doors, garage doors, windows and patio doors). All items that are not part of the Common elements. If you are contemplating making changes to your unit that impact the exterior, please contact the Management Company first with details of your plan. You must also submit an Architectural Modification Form detailing the planned improvement and submit it to the Management Company for approval. This includes replacing windows, doors, patio doors, skylights, balconies, screen or storm door, or making extensive changes to your landscaping. For exterior work that is the Homeowner’s responsibility, you must receive approval BEFORE beginning the work.

It is important to note that when replacing windows, doors and patio doors, that you must replace them with windows and doors that are identical in appearance to the item you are replacing. As a townhome association we need to work to maintain a sense of unity among the units. That means that front windows must include the white muttons (the internal cross-bars), garage doors must be of the same style and color and front doors should be identical to the door on your unit and be painted the same color. (We have two different front-door styles in the community, depending on your floor plan.) Please note this when ordering replacements. If the incorrect replacement is installed, the Association will require you to remove the non-conforming item and replace it with a conforming item.

In the past, the Association has had a number of people make extensive modifications without getting the necessary approvals first. In some cases, residents have been made to remove modifications, especially if the architectural change does not match the existing appearance of the community. Please save yourself the expense and hassle by clearing any major changes with Management first.

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