When does snow removal start?

During the winter snow removal becomes a big issue. The Association contracts with a snow removal company. The contract starts in mid-November and ends at the end of March.

  • Our snow removal company will only come out after at least two inches of snow has fallen. For larger snowstorms, they will only come out after four inches are on the ground.
  • Snow removal will begin after the snow has stopped, or has significantly tapered off.
  • Snow will be cleared from the front walkways and driveways, provided no cars are parked there. Our snow removal company will not shovel around parked cars.
  • The snowplow operators will work with you. If you normally have a car parked on your driveway, you can ask them to wait until you move your car out of the drive and then let them plow.
  • Residents with driveways in close proximity to others who do not move their vehicles may affect the snow plowing in the other driveways. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • The Association does not put down any salt or ice melt. This was a result of homeowner complaints about tracking salt into their home and irritating their pets feet. We leave it up to individual owners to decide whether or not they want to salt their driveways and front walkways.

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